Training & Speaking

Complex Topics Made Simple!

Experience Dr. El's unique brand of Straight Talk, which makes complex concepts about Young Children, Families, Parenting, and Womanhood simple to understand and easy to apply. Work with the founder of KinderJam to provide your team and the families you serve with fun, engaging, and informative training sessions and keynotes. 


Parent Coaching & Workshops

A Knowledgable and Compassionate Friend

Use Dr. El as a resource and friend. So, when you reach a turning point in your parenting journey, you have additional support and knowledge needed to make the high-quality decisions that will continue to shape your life towards an improved quality of life and positive outcomes for you, your child, and your family. 


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The Podcast

Accessible, Digestible, and Useable Information 

Dr. El uses Straight Talk to teach and inspire listeners because she believes high-quality knowledge and information should be accessible, digestible, and useable for everyone.